Collaborative Reports

The Family Development Matrix (FDM) is an innovative approach to ensuring both child protection and in the development of a supportive family environment. The FDM assessment utilizes the researched interventions from the Pathway to the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (Harvard University) and the Family Strengthening Protective Factor goals (Center for the Study of Social Policy) and in partnership with the Nurturing Parenting and other researched practices. The FDM process includes strength-based assessments, family empowerment plans, evidenced based and local interventions, and it tracks both case management and family engagement while calculating family outcomes.


PDF Collaborative
Strengths-Based Case Management
Journal of Public Child Welfare
June 15,2022
Sacramento Cultural Brokers Collaborative 2021
  • Better Life Children Services
  • Rose Family Creative Empowerment Center
  • Sacramento Children's Home
San Bernardino First5 Collaborative - FDM Data Report July 2019 – June 9th 2020
Stanislaus County Family and Childrens Commission FDM Data Report 2012-2019
Santa Barbara Collaborative Report 2018
San Bernardino First5 Collaborative - FDM Data Report July 1st 2015 – May 22nd 2017
State of Washington, Department of Early Learning, Early Childhood Education Assistance Program 2016
California First5 Collaboratives 2014
Collaborative Report on Outcomes in 24 California Counties 2014
Orange County 2012
San Francisco County 2012