The Family Development Matrix
Pathway to the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Project

Funded by the Office of Child Abuse Prevention, California Department of Social Services 2005 - 2014

“Moving toward data-integrated implementation of effective programs and practices in Child Welfare and Family Resource agency partnerships”

The Family Development Matrix, Pathway to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect project provides information collected at the local, county, and state levels for an outcomes reporting system that monitors and tracks individual client progress for family practitioners as well as overall program performance for family support agencies.

The Family Development Matrix is an integrated family case management and outcomes evaluation assessment. It is located in collaborative service networks and tribal communities throughout California. A primary purpose is to provide family support staff the capacity to utilize a comprehensive assessment with a family. The worker tracks family strengths and their issues of concern, the effectiveness of best practice interventions, and both the case management activity and family engagement based on family-directed goals and empowerment plan. The project utilizes the researched Pathway to the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect interventions that are aligned to the Family Strengthening Protective Factor goals.

Using a collaborative design process with a network of family support agencies and partner child welfare agency they prepare a prevention plan and adopt a core set of outcome indicators for assessments. Access to the Matrix Outcomes Model database provides a family assessment and case management protocol leading to family outcome report data in tables and graphs.

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